Development of Crops Featured Commodities Application in Java and Sumatera Island Based on Geographic Information System

Teddy Oswari, Fenni Agustina, Emy Haryatmi, E. Susy Suhendra


Indonesia is an archipelago country that some of the population work as farmers. Farmers can plant excellent commodities such as rice, corn, potato tubers, bulbs timber, soybeans, green beans, and peanuts on the available land. All this time, Indonesian people only know the agricultural land that has good quality found in big cities, in any small town also has land that produces the same quality of food crops. Advanced research goal is to develop an application that has been designed to make distribution of food crops. This research-based Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine location of food crops distribution in the islands of Java and Sumatera. This research produced an application that has data base more complete and it can be accessed by internet and mobile phones. Making it easier for the user or society to know distribution of food plants in Java and Sumatera, then society can find out information about location which has the desired crops.


Application; Commodities; Crops; Information Systems

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