Solar Operated Automatic Seed Sowing Machine

Swetha S., Shreeharsha G. H.


The real power required for machine equipment depends on the resistance to the movement of it. Even now, in our country 98% of the contemporary machines use the power by burning of fossil fuels to run IC engines or external combustion engines. This evident has led to widespread air, water and noise pollution and most importantly has led to a realistic energy crisis in the near future. Now the approach of this project is to develop the machine to minimize the working cost and also to reduce the time for digging and seed sowing operation by utilizing solar energy to run the robotic machine. In this machine solar panel is used to capture solar energy and then it is converted into electrical energy which in turn is used to charge 12V battery, which then gives the necessary power to a shunt wound DC motor. This power is then transmitted to the DC motor to drive the wheels. And to further reduction of labor dependency, IR sensors are used to maneuver robot in the field. Here 4 post sensors are used to define the territory and robot senses the track length and pitch for movement from line to line. Seed sowing and digging robot will move on different ground contours and performs digging, sow the seed and water the ground after closing.


Direct Current Motor; Infrared Sensors; Internal Combustion Engines; Special Purpose Vehicle

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