Extraction of Genomic DNA from Gossypium sps. Without Detergent Suitable for PCR

M. Jayasravanthi, A. Krishnasatya, P. Chandrasekhar


Extraction of DNA is the prerequisite for many biotechnological works like marker assisted selection particularly in commercial crops such as cotton. Here we report a simple, rapid and inexpensive procedure for the isolation of DNA from cotton seeds for laboratory purpose. This procedure avoids the usage of detergents like CTAB/SDS which are inconvenient in preparation and time consuming. In addition, this procedure involves the usage of various reagents in different combinations for the effective removal of polyphenols, proteins, salts and polysaccharides making DNA suitable for PCR. Therefore, this method can be employed for various applications even in low equipped laboratories.


Cotton, DNA, SDS, Microsatellites

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