Chlorophyll a Fluorescence Imaging Analysis in Air-Drying Stressed Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) Leaf

Sung Yung Yoo, Jong Yong Park, Doo Won Lee, Sun-Hee Woo, Tae Seok Ko, Tae Wan Kim


The objective of this study was to find a rapid determination of the air-drying stress of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) leaves using portable chlorophyll fluorescence imaging instrument. To assess the photosynthetic activity of sorghum leaves, an imaging analysis of the photochemical responses of sorghum was performed with chlorophyll fluorescence camera. The observed chlorophyll imaging photos were numerically transformed to the photochemical parameters on the basis of chlorophyll a fluorescence. Chlorophyll a fluorescence imaging (CFI) method showed that the rapid decrease in Fm of leaf was occurred under air-drying stress. Although Fv/Fm ratios values in air-drying stressed sorghum leaves were not changed, all other photochemical parameters such as Fm, Fv, Fp and Ft were lowered after air-drying stress. In air-drying stressed sorghum leaves, it showed to increase in nonphotoquenching (NPQ) and decrease in ΦPSII. Thus, ΦPSII and NPQ were available to determine nondestructively the air-drying stress of sorghum leaves. In our study, it was clearly indicated that the air-drying could be a stress in sorghum leaves. The CFI analysis and its related parameters are applicable as a rapid indicating technique for the determination of air-drying stress.


Sorghum; Air Drying Stress; Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging; Nonphotoquenching; ΦPSII

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