Design and Development of Embedded System for Measurement of Humidity, Soil Moisture and Temperature in Polyhouse using 89E516RD Microcontroller

Kolapkar M.M., Khirade P.W., Sayyad S.B.


The present embedded system has been design and developed in order to measure, display and control polyhouse related environmental factors such as humidity, soil moisture and temperature by using 89E516RD microcontroller. In order to maintain favorable condition for plant growth in polyhouse the humidity sensor, soil moisture sensor and temperature sensor along with microcontroller are deployed. The micro-controller based embedded system sense and display information on 16x2 LCD display and also provides automated ON-OFF control action for exhaust fan, heater and fogger. The result in the graphical format shows the response of embedded system under discussion. This system is cost effective, easy handling and has compact hardware.


Embedded System; Sensor; Polyhouse; Agrimonics

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