Delineation and Characterization of Geomorphological Features Studies of Muguru Addahalla Watershed, Mysore and Chamarajanagar Taluks of Southern Part of Karnataka, India

Nagaraju D., Siddaraju K., Shiva swamy, Bhanupraksh H.M., Balasubramanian A.


In the present study an attempt has been made to delineate and characterize the different geomorphic units of Muguru Addahalla watershed located in the southern part of Karnataka State, India. The drainage network and topographic elevation contours have been delineated using toposheets. The geological units have been overlaid on the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS)-1D LISS-111 satellite imagery. The study area is basically a drainage-controlled region wherein the fluvio-geomorphological processes dominate on the surface. Based on the interpretation of satellite data, the hydrogeomorphic units like linear ridges, shallow moderate and deeply buried slopes, shallow valley fills and deep valley fills have been demarcated. These zones have been generated as vector layers using GIS and the geological and geomorphological maps of the study area have been compared. This integrated approach demonstrated that the IRS data used in conjunction with geology, drainage and topographic parameters helped in the evaluation of different geomorphological units and their characteristics. These features were also verified based on the field observations. The geomorphological units can be utilized for the management of natural resources.


Fluvio-Morphology; GIS, Drainage; Contour Geomorphological Units; Natural Units

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