Status of Riparian Zone of River Narmada in the Central Zone using QBR index

Ankit Kumar, Kuldeep Lakhera, Vipin Vyas, (doi:


Riparian zone is a transit zone between Aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem. It is an integral part which plays an important role in the present study. Riparian zone assessment was carried out in the reach of river Narmada from Umardha to Joga village to assess its condition. The status of riparian zone assessment was carried out in the central zone of River Narmada and this reach of river is located from Umardha village (Junction of Dudhi with Narmada) to Joga village (Backwater of Indra sagar reservoir). The riparian zone of any river is an integral part from the ecological point of view and keeping this in mind survey of riparian zone for this reach was done. During the survey of riparian zone QBR index was used to assess its condition. According to the values which was given in QBR index for each parameter of sampling station it was observed that riparian zone of the above said river stretch is in very poor condition with extreme or moderate degradation. Very few locations were found under fair or good condition with minimum or least degradation. Human activities such as construction, sand mining, soil mining, and conversion of forest land for agriculture (deforestation) are noticed under the stretch of river which are being damaged the riparian area. Sand mining the major activity in this area was observed on the largest scale. Livelihood dependence is more responsible for vanishing riparian zone condition on the river banks which are posing adverse impact on the riverine ecosystem.


Central zone; QBR index; Riparian zone; River Narmada

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