Geo-informatics Application to Assess Impact of Landslide on Biodiversity: A Case Study

Patekar P. R., Patil J. M., Dhulap V. P.


The attempt of this study is to use of remote sensing and GIS technique for estimation and mapping of loss of biodiversity and its impacts on animals habit – habitat. Kokare Village, located in Chandgad Tahsil, District Kolhapur has been selected as study area for the present research work. Various parameters was used to analyze biodiversity change i.e geomorphology, slope, aspect, slope length, elevation and drainage map. Thus Remote Sensing & GIS technique provide immense help in mapping of biodiversity change occurred due to lindslide in Kokare village. Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing are modern technique which is useful to analyze biodiversity.


Landslide; Biodiversity; Geographical Information System; Remote Sensing; GPS

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