The Perspectives of Practitioner Cataloguers’ Interest in Information Organization

Bello, M. A., Mansour, Y., (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.275)


Enquiring into perspective of today practitioner Cataloguers is imperative. Such an understanding of motivations and inspirations could provide the cataloguing profession a glimpse of the future. This could help to improve the profession especially in the light of Information Technology application and adoption to librarianship. To appraise opinions of cataloguers on the job, structured survey questionnaire, was used to collect data that answer questions on attitude and interest of Cataloguers towards their profession, examine the relationship between demographic variables, attitude and interest of Cataloguers towards the profession. Copies of the instrument were administered to 279 practicing Cataloguers in 48 Nigerian public University Libraries. SPSS was used for correlation analysis. The results showed enthusiasm towards the profession, analysis however indicated varied correlational relationships between the demographic variables, interest and attitude variables.


Cataloguing; Cataloguers’ Job-Assessment; Academic Libraries (Nigeria) Cataloguer Demography; Cataloguers Nigeria

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