Bibliometric Analysis of Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management

S. Thanuskodi, P. Umamaheswari


Bibliometric analysis typically utilizes documents primarily publications or patents to analyze trends in science and innovation. A variety of data analysis methods are employed during Bibliometric analysis, including: co-authorship analysis, co-citation analysis. The study reveals that out of 197 articles joint authors contributed 124 (62.94%) articles while the rest 73 (37.06%) articles were contributed by single author. The study shows that the highest contributions were from universities with 75 (38.07%). This is followed by research institutions with 47 (23.86%), Colleges 33 (16.75%) and government departments 18 (9.14%). The remaining 24 articles (12.18%) were contributed by societies.



Bibliometrics, Bibliography, Authorship Pattern, Source of Information, Geographical Distribution, Citation, Websites, Dissertations

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