Lung Cancer Research in G7 and BRIC Countries: A Comparative Analysis by Scientometric Method

V. Chitra, R. Jeyshankar, K. S. Abu


This paper examines the research output of lung cancer in the G7 and the BRIC countries by scientometric method. Data has been downloaded from Scopus database for the period of 10 years (2003–2012). This study compares the growth rate (CAGR), Collaboration Coefficient (CC) and Publication Activity (TAI) of the countries of both the groups. Two relative indicators– Absolute Citation Impact (ACI) and Relative Citation Impact (RCI) have been adopted to compare the quality and impact of the lung cancer research. We found that the BRIC countries had a significant growth in both in the number of articles and their share in the recent years when compared with the G7 countries.


Lung Cancer; WHO; Scopus; G7 and BRIC Countries; Citation

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