Development of Library Portal– In Print and Non-Print Era

Manisha B. Mane, B. M. Pange, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.240)


Libraries are rapidly changing and expanding to web-based delivery of content and related access services to cater the information needs and expectations of their modern users. One approach is to design and develop multi tired architectures that include an integration layer providing programme level services for user level applications such as a portal. The library portal is a tool to organize information resources and services in a way that supports the users’ needs. However, LIS professionals should be aware about portal technology, its applications in academics and usability of the portal which is based on effective content management system. Library portal is key to knowledge, it is an effective Tool for Web-enabled information Services. The main aim of this paper is to highlight the historical development of library portal and the role of the librarian in developing significant library portal.



Library Portals; Library Automation; Portal Approach

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