Analytical Study of Title Wise Usage of UGC INFONET Consortium Journals at University of Hyderabad

Uma V., (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.243)


This paper discusses in detail the title wise usage in the 17 databases for which title wise usage is available. It is noticed that 100% titles usage in 4 databases. On an average for 3 years (2012-2014) 82.25% of titles are used. Most highly used databases Science Direct, ACS & JSTOR are contributing 62.96% on an average for 3 years and are in the range above 10%. The databases Wiley Black well, RSC & Springer Link which are moderately used recorded 21.02% and are in the range of above 5%. The highly used databases are from sciences. The rest of the databases which are less used are in the range of below 5% and thus contributing 16%. On an average titles with 0.22% contributed to the 27.95% usage, while 1.23% titles contributed to 22.31% usage and 98.57% titles contributed to 49.73% usage which means nearly 50% usage. Nearly 1.45% titles have contributed to 50.26%. Project Euclid is the least used database. H-index is a form of measuring the research output of Scientists. The research output of science faculty of university of Hyderabad is cited as an example. The UGC consortium is highly benefitting the Universities in increasing the research output. In order to increase the research output the UGC- INFONET consortium should group the universities using the same databases as per the high usage, moderate usage and less usage title wise and pick & choose the titles so that cost can be brought down as there are also titles unused.


UGC-INFONET Consortium; University of Hyderabad; Usage; E-resources

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