Information on Transparency in Higher Education

Sarla Nirankari, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.245)


The entire social system depends upon the arduous stature of higher education. A nation can tolerate any upheaval if the basis of higher education is sturdy and stout. The sustenance of development is only possible if the standard of higher education also evolves with the changing demands of times. Higher education has many stakeholders just as institution, students, faculty, management and finally of course society. For the overall development all the stakeholders should be dealt equally well by higher education institutes. But this is the sorry state of affairs that higher education is passing through a very crucial phase in India. There is a certain gap between Indian potential and exhaustion of resources. Honestly speaking transparency in goals, execution and in evaluation is direly required. In nut shell every challenge of higher education can be managed well if translucency and transparency are the major concern.



Transparency; Fair and Clear Virtue of a System for Working; Higher Education; Education above than Senior Secondary Education

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