Use of Library and Internet Resources by Urdu Faculty, Research Scholars and P.G. Students in University Libraries of Andhra Pradesh State

Ayesha Sultana, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.252)


The Information and communication technology has transformed the old concept of libraries from traditional to digital form. In today’s world the most popular source of information is the Internet and electronic resources. The present study has been undertaken to assess the availability and use of library and web resources by Urdu faculty, research scholars and P.G. students in select university libraries of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. The particular study was under taken to assess the awareness, availability and use of library and Urdu web resources by the users. Their extent of satisfaction, impediment and impact of Internet and Urdu web resources were analyzed. The findings of the study revealed that there are scanty Urdu resources available online and also there is lack of knowledge among scholars about the use of web resources. To utilize the Urdu web resources to its maximum, it is necessary to build awareness among the research scholars and train them in browsing internet as well as searching information on the internet and using resources. This can be done by conducting user orientation/awareness program.


Urdu Resources; Urdu Web Resources; Osmania University Library-Urdu Resources; University of Hyderabad Library-Urdu Resources; Use of Urdu Resources; Urdu Resources-User Orientation

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