UCD Approach for the Management of User Services in University Libraries

V. Uma, V. J. Suseela, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.255)


This paper discusses User Centric Design (UCD) standards, processes in the light of user oriented services in academic Institutions. It discusses traditional methods of user services in libraries and shift to modern user centric services by which users are able access all types of resources online and can even interact with the librarian with regard to any services. The users are able to renew their books online and get the resources of other libraries through document delivery services without physically stepping into the library. Some of the models mentioned in this paper highlight the services which are designed as per users’ needs. The changes of automation, e-publishing and publishers way of delivering online resources with added value services like e-mail alerts, RSS feeds etc. have forced librarians to concentrate on library users while planning services and to transform the libraries in academic institutions from document centric to User Centric.


User Services; University Libraries; UCD-Standards; User Services-Management

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