Paradigm Shift in Library Usage: Evidence Based on Corporate Library Users Survey

P. Jayapal, K. Kaliyaperumal, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.250)


This paper focuses on new ways to access and use information for corporate library users. There is an unbelievable growth in information technology sector, due to this, the information seeking pattern of the corporate library users have been changing quite often. As a result, the role of librarians is more focused on exploring awareness to gather the required information. The paradigm shift in the information seeking behavior of the corporate library users has created new value added market service to the library. Since majority of the software professionals are under work pressure they are not able to be present in the library so the library services should go to his/her place on time. This paper discusses on the user expectations of future corporate libraries, preferred place to access on-line resources, hindrance to access library resources, sharing of information and librarian’s focus areas, in the future.


Paradigm Shift in Corporate Libraries; Future Corporate Libraries; Information Sharing; Rating of Corporate Library Service

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