Periscoping the Relationship between Motivation Factors and Measures of Productivity for Librarians in Federal Health-based Institutes in Abuja, Nigeria

Simeon Chigozie Ugwuona, Christiana Oitu Aje, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.221)


This study was carried out in seven Nigerian health-based institutes with the aim of finding out the relationship existing between motivation factors available and measures of productivity applied for rating Librarians in the population studied. A descriptive survey design approach was taken to study a population of 18 Librarians in the seven establishments (out of this number, 17 (94.4%) were actually used). Questionnaire was the research tool used to collect data which were presented in tables and analyzed using descriptive statistics. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation coefficient (r) method was applied to determine the relationship while hypothesis was tested with t-statistics at 0.05 probability level. Results show that a positively significant relationship (P>0.05), r (0.97) exists between motivation factors available and measures of productivity applied for Librarians in these centres. The key motivation factors identified are job security, recognition of status, career advancement opportunity et cetera. Major measures of productivity identified were seminar papers, journal article publication, technical reports and abstracts/bibliography and these cut across all the centres. The study showed that there were differences in the application of measures of productivity within the institutes.



Health Facilities-Nigeria; Health Research; Information-Health; Librarians; Motivation Factor; Productivity-Measures

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