Library Services for the Physically Challenged in South-East, Nigeria: Origin and Challenges

Pauline C. Iroeze, Gertrude C. Umunnakwe, Jacintha U. Eze, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.214)



The study delved into the establishment of library services for the physically challenged in south-East Nigeria in November 1989 and examined the forces which have been posing challenges, interview  and observation for data collection. Challenges  towards their sustainability were investigated using 2 available public libraries for physically challenged in  Imo State library Board, Owerri, and  Abia State library Board, Umuahia. The study found among others, that there were only 2 libraries for the physically challenged in the South-East, that Braille books, large print, books talking book, twin vision books, sign language books are the most accessible information resources in those libraries. The study concluded that number of available libraries for the physically challenged in the South-East are inadequate, resources and services are inadequate and mostly outdated, also mainly traditional library services are provided inside poor architecturally designed buildings. Recommendations were made to improve library and information services to this group.




Library Services; Library Resources; Physically Challenged People; People with Disabilities; South-east Nigeria

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