A Study of Some Seismic Parameters of a Few Cities of Northeast India and Its Adjoining Region

Devi Anupama, Kalita Sarbeswar


Seismic hazard analysis includes the study of ground motions at a selected site due to a seismic event. This is necessary for the purpose of evolving earthquake resistant design of a new structure or for estimating the safety of an existing structure of importance, like dams, nuclear power plants, long-span bridges, high-rise buildings, etc. at that site. Some seismic parameters of eleven cities of the region has been analysed using Poisson’s Model. It has been found that return period for different PGA values are the minimum for Tezu. Seismic loading is found to be maximum in Tezu for the same risk level and economic life.


Hazard; Seismic Source; Probability; Return Period; PGA Value

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