Behavioral and Laboratory Abnormalities in Rat Offspring Exposed to Fipronil during the Perinatal Period

Francisco Pizzolato Montanha, Caique Aparecido Faria, Faber Daniel Machado, Fábio Anselmo, Tatiany Luiza Silveira, Noeme Sousa Rocha, Antonio Francisco Godinho (10.23953/cloud.ijavst.339)


Perinatal exposure to pesticides was linked to changes in neurobehavioral development of rat offspring. This study aimed to evaluate the behavior of rat offspring exposed to fipronil during the perinatal period associated with laboratory findings. For this, pregnant Wistar rats were divided into five groups (n=15) namely: control (Ct) and exposed - gestation (G), lactation (L), gestation more lactation (G+L) 7-14, and gestation more lactation (G+L) 1-21. The behavioral parameters evaluated were anxiety, aggressiveness, motor coordination, exploration and locomotion. Parameters related to physical and sensory-motor development, organ/animal weight ratio, biochemistry, histology, blood cortisol levels and Fipronil and its metabolites (sulfone and dessulfinil) in offspring brains of different groups were also assessed. Results showed an increase in anxiety and aggression and a decrease in motor coordination. The negative effects caused by pesticides appear to be dependent on their presence in brain tissue. It was observed a decrease in time to eruption of incisors, an increased weight of the offspring liver; increased serum cortisol and histological changes in the liver; fipronil and fipronil sulfone were detected in the brain of offspring. In conclusion perinatal exposure to fipronil increased the aggression and anxiety, confirming its toxicity on neurodevelopment of rat offspring. Fipronil caused decreased motor coordination in the offspring, suggesting toxicity on motor nerves. The results confirm the toxicity of fipronil on rat offspring exposed during the perinatal period.


Aggressiveness; Metabolites; Phenylpyrazole; Physical development; Sensory-motor development; Toxicity

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