Seroprevalence Study of Bovine Brucellosis in Slaughter House

N. R. Senthil, S. Anantha Narayanan


Brucellosis is a zoonotic bacterial diseases affecting wide range on animal species. The present study was conducted at sera samples collected from slaughter house in Chennai. The samples were subjected to three serological tests viz, RBPT, STAT and i-ELISA of these of 11 (5.23%), 7 (3.3%), 24 (11.4%) were positive by RBPT, STAT and i-ELISA respectively. Comparison of diagnostic tests to assess the sensitivity and specificity of i-ELISA with RBPT and STAT respectively and it was found to be 91.6% and 93.4% when compared to with RBPT whereas it become 100% and 91.6% when compared with STAT.


Bovine Brucellosis, RBPT, STAT and i-ELISA

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