Economic Analysis of Metabolic Diseases in Bovines: A Review

Senthilkumar V., A. Mohamed Safiullah, G. Kathiravan, M. Subramanian, K. Mani


In a dairy farming, among more diseases, metabolic/calving diseases are of great concern to dairy producers worldwide. Dairy cattle metabolic disorders, which are disease related to disturbance of one or more metabolic processes in the organism. This paper presents an overview the evaluation of the economic impact of metabolic diseases in bovines. References will be limited to economics rather than general focus, with emphasis on the most current reviews. The search was performed with the key words being part of the title, descriptors and / or appearing anywhere in the reference in order to find as many papers dealing with metabolic diseases as possible. The important metabolic diseases such as ketosis, milk fever and downer cow complex are discussed under two headings viz., prevalence/incidence rate and quantification of economic loss.



Downer Cow Complex, Incidence, Ketosis, Milk Fever, Prevalence

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