Analysis of Economic Loss Due to Equine Herpes Viral Infection

T. Parameswaran, N. R. Senthil


Equine herpes virus 1 and 4 is considered to be cause of rhinopneumonitis abortion in horses which can cause severe economic loss to the equine industry. Outbreaks of EHV-1 and 4 result in poor racing performance, cancellation of race entries, decreased revenue to the race tracks, mortality, closure or quarantine of stud farms and restrictions on the movement of horses. In the present study an attempt has been made to quantify the loss due to loss of work function among the equids in Tamilnadu. The models used in evaluation of economic impact of animal disease on production can be grouped under two headings namely statistical/epidemiological models and economic models. Out of the data collected from 184 respondents, 67.50 per cent (27 out of 40) and 32.50 percent (13 out of 40) of horses were utilized for anti-snake venom production and patrol respectively. 95.45 per cent (84 out of 88) and 4.45 per cent (4 out of 88) of ponies were utilized for transport and riding respectively. 100 per cent (17 out of 17) of mules were utilized for anti-snake venom production, 100 per cent (30 out of 30) of donkeys were kept as pack animals. One donkey and eight foals were kept without any work. It has been found that income loss due to loss of work function was 95.45 per cent (Rs. 1,47,000) in case of equids utilised for anti-snake venom production, 74.13 per cent (Rs. 1,200) in case of equids used for riding, 62.50 per cent (Rs. 200) in pack animals and 50.80 per cent (Rs. 1,200) in case of equids used for transport purpose (Table 3). The economic loss on account of equine herpes viral infection among the equids was quite high. The loss due to the loss of work function ranged from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1,47,000.



Equine Herpes Virus 1&4; Respiratory Disease; Abortion; Equine Industry; Economic Loss

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