Effect of Different Freezing Rates and Thawing Methods on the Quality of Frozen Boar Semen

Nipu Deka, Ahmed K., Kalita D., Deka B.C.


A total of 30 ejaculates from three Hampshire crossbred boars were used to study the effect of freezing rates and thawing methods on quality of frozen boar semen. Semen was frozen using three freezing rates-300c/min, 500c/min and 700c/min in a programmable biological semen freezer. The semen characteristics viz., sperm motility, live sperm, HOST reacted spermatozoa and intact acrosome were studied after thawing using three different thawing methods viz., 370c for 30 sec, 500c for 12 sec and 700c for 10 sec. Out of three different freezing rates and thawing methods freezing rate 300c/min with thawing method 700c for 10 sec resulted better semen quality.


Boar Semen; Freezing Rate; Thawing Method

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