Petrogenesis and Tectonic Environment of Granites, Eastern Ghats, South India- A Case Study

Brahmaiah, T., Karunakar, Y., Sai Krishna, K., Sai Prasad, K.S., (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaese.270)


This study presents the geochemical characteristics of granitic rocks located a part of the Eastern Ghats which lies to the east of Cuddapah basin (Obachettapalem in Prakasam district, A.P). These granites are typically uniform as is evident from the chemical and modal classification. The field, petrographic and petrochemical studies explain the magmatic nature of the granites. The magma of these granites is peraluminous and calc-alkaline nature and emplaced as syn-collision environment and crystallised at 650oC to 700oC at 5 to 7 kb of PH2O.


Petrogenesis; Peraluminous; Calc-alkaline; Syn-collision

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