Comparative Study of Portable Floating Type Bio-Gas Plants with Various Organic Waste Feed Stacks

Vivek Kumar Singh


The organic waste from various biodegradable sources could be applied as a feed material for the gas Production. In this paper, an attempt has been made to test the performance of different ratio of organic waste in a High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) made portable floating type bio gas plant of volume capacity of 1 m3 for outdoor climatic condition. The objective of this study is comparative performances evaluation of organic waste potential through bio-gas production. Comparative studies of bio-gas production using various substrates were carried out. The substrates used were organic waste (dried water hyacinth, algal mass). Various parameters were studied during bio-gas production like alkalinity pH, Solar radiation, Ambient Temperature, Slurry Temperature Volume of Gas Production, Controller cooking test and Gas consumption. The present study is helpful to set up small scale optimized bio-gas production in households’ level bio-gas plant with locally available organic waste material. Here our research was just under a proto type bio-gas plant but if we will made this at a big level, it will generate more bio-gas for power generation application. Thus required the more research and development for collection methodology and pre- fermentation of organic wastes.


Anaerobic Digestion; Cooking Fuel; Organic Waste; Production

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