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Research Articles

Survival of the Rarest Subspecies (Tiger) Against the Genetic Diversity: A Challenge to the Ecologists PDF
T. K. Lohani, T. P. Satpathy pp. 39-43
Production and Partial Characterization of Penicillin Amidase Produced by Bacillus megaterium from Temple Puja Wastes PDF
S. Priya, R. Suganya pp. 44-47
Comparative Study of Portable Floating Type Bio-Gas Plants with Various Organic Waste Feed Stacks PDF
Vivek Kumar Singh pp. 48-55
Evaluation of Harvested Rainwater Quality As a Drinking Water Source in Urban Land Uses in Western Province Sri Lanka PDF
A.M.A.M. Premathilaka, T.D.C. Pushpakumara, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaaeee.502) pp. 56-89
Heavy Metal Potential of Domestic Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge PDF
T.D.C. Pushpakumara, W.G.T. Sandakelum, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaaeee.503) pp.90-113

Review Articles

Modelling the Transformation of Land use and Monitoring and Mapping of Environmental Impact with the help of Remote Sensing and GIS PDF
Raj chandar Padmanaban pp. 36-38

Case Study/ Case Report

A Study of Solar Photovoltaic Application in Irrigation System and Its Performance Analysis in Laboratory Scale PDF
Ratan Mandal, Rakesh Naskar pp. 1-14
A Comparative Study and Performance Analysis of Two Similar Solar Photovoltaic Irrigation Systems; One with SPV Panel Cleaning Mechanism and another One, without Cleaning Mechanism PDF
Ratan Mandal, Rakesh Naskar pp. 15-35

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