A Study of Solar Photovoltaic Application in Irrigation System and Its Performance Analysis in Laboratory Scale

Ratan Mandal, Rakesh Naskar


Solar water pumping system (SPVWPS) plays a vital role in irrigation system throughout the world. In this paper, performance of a solar photovoltaic pumping system is established. Two 35 watt solar modules are used in this purpose. The author has calculated the solar radiation over six month (November to April) for covering all the seasonal solar radiation during 6-7 hrs. As the panel capture maximum solar radiation during day time. Author has measured input of the system (radiation*area of the solar panel) and output of the system in terms of voltage and current. Main objective of this paper is to establish the relation between the discharge rate and radiation and also, the relation between efficiency and the output.



Solar Photovoltaic Pump, SPVPS, Irrigation System, Solar Radiation, Pump Discharge, Pump Efficiency

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