A Comparative Study and Performance Analysis of Two Similar Solar Photovoltaic Irrigation Systems; One with SPV Panel Cleaning Mechanism and another One, without Cleaning Mechanism

Ratan Mandal, Rakesh Naskar


The objectives of this paper are to determine how much system efficiency is increased for both different cases. In first case, the surface of solar panel has been cleaned by water by a regular interval and this water used for agricultural land and to maintain the temperature of the PV module as low as possible. In the second case, the surface of solar panel remains unchanged means it is not cleaned by water or any other mechanism, so as a result, free dust particles which are in the air or emission from thermal power plant or any other sources are deposited on the surface of PV module day by day. And found a significant variation on efficiency due to cleaning as well as cooling of the panel using part of the same water would be used for irrigation purpose. Also it doesn’t require any extra efforts and money for making the system.



Solar Photovoltaic Pump, SPVA1, SPVA2

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