Modelling the Transformation of Land use and Monitoring and Mapping of Environmental Impact with the help of Remote Sensing and GIS

Raj chandar Padmanaban


The proposed research focus on the transformation of land use at regional level, diverse factor influencing land use changes and investigate on the environmental issues with the help of Geographical Information System. Now-a-days the population growth increasing speedily, in other hand destroying the nature also mounting swiftly because of providing superior life style to the society, the government and private sectors are mostly focusing on the urbanization and social changes but it’s directly or indirectly affect the global level of the environment. Human interference on the agriculture land and deforestation leads to changes in the natural vegetation, ecosystem, habitat loss, climate changes, flora and fauna degradation, sea level raise and so on. In this research spatial modelling helps us to study about the past, present and future scenario of land use changes, variation in ecosystem, degradation of vegetation and forest, intrusion of wild life habitat, and extinction of terrestrial species, etc. The broader concept of urban growth modelling provide the detail of land cover/land use changes, growth or reduction of feature in area extract with the assist of Multiple Level Classification (MLC). In remote sensing technique, the various modelling achieve from the spatial and temporal elements obtain from aerial photos, satellite images and statistical information. The proposed research keen interest on the investigation on environmental changes and its impact, the diverse environment factor are analyses and modelling with the help of spatial data mining, gradient analysis and spectral enhancement.


Spatial Data Mining, Spectral Enhancement, Gradient Analysis, Multiple Level Classification, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System

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