Survival of the Rarest Subspecies (Tiger) Against the Genetic Diversity: A Challenge to the Ecologists

T. K. Lohani, T. P. Satpathy


Continuous extinction of tigers from the earth has become a matter of concern among the ecologists. Once upon a time the species which was dominating all along the globe is presently in an endanger condition searching for food and shelter. Continuous poaching by the people for no reason has reduced their population to numbers which can be counted in figures. Different countries have set their own tiger projects to save this endangered species for balancing the entire ecosystem. The state of Odisha in India is not away from this situation and the crucial period has already come to save their lives. Odisha enjoys a big tiger sanctuary named Similipal tiger project where good numbers of tigers are present besides few more tigers are also located in different parts of Odisha. Nandankanan zoo at Bhubaneswar the state capital has been providing a shelter for tigers and maximum care has been taken for the tigers to give certain environment for their breeding and it has been found successful for their increase.


Tiger, Project Tiger, Tropical Forest, MoEF

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