Effect of Various Ovulation Synchronization Protocols on Estrus Response, Conception Rate and Blood Biochemical Profile in Anoestrus Buffaloes

Buhecha K. V., Dhami A. J., Theodore V. K., Thakor R., Parmar S. C.


This study evaluated the fertility response and plasma profile of biochemical and mineral constituents in 46 postpartum anoestrus (>90 days) buffaloes treated under field conditions with TriU-B/PRID, Ovsynch and Heatsynch protocols (n=12 each), keeping untreated anoestrus control (n=10) and normal cyclic control (n=10) groups. The estrus induction response with 3 treatment protocols was 83.33, 83.33 and 91.66 % respectively within 2-3 days of PGF2α injection. The conception rates (CRs) obtained at induced estrus in buffaloes under TriU-B, Ovsynch and Heatsynch protocols were 25.00, 33.33 and 25.00 %, and those of overall three cycles’ 50.00, 58.33 and 50.00 %, respectively, which were at par with normal cyclic control group (CR at first cycle 30.00 & overall of 3 cycles 50.00 %). Among untreated anoestrus control group, only two buffaloes (20%) exhibited estrus and conceived over 90 days follow up. The overall pooled mean plasma total cholesterol concentrations (mg/dl) in anoestrus buffaloes under TriU-B and in normal cyclic control group were the same (166.70±5.28 and 165.18±6.37) and significantly (P<0.01) higher than in Ovsynch (131.54±3.71) and lower than in Heatsynch (186.14±5.69) group. The value for total protein (g/dl) was significantly (P<0.05) lower in TriU-B (7.27±0.08) followed by other two groups (7.62±0.07 & 7.44±0.07) and highest in normal control group (7.98±0.10). The calcium was significantly higher (P<0.05) in Ovsynch (10.41±0.07 mg/dl) than other 3 groups (8.82±0.11 to 9.09±0.09 mg/dl), while inorganic phosphorus (3.99±0.10 to 4.29±0.13 mg/dl) did not vary between groups. Normal cyclic control buffaloes had significantly higher protein and lower calcium levels than in most treatment groups. The conceived buffaloes had apparently higher values of total cholesterol and protein as compared to non-conceived ones in all groups. In general, Ovsynch protocol was the best followed by TriU-B and Heatsynch for induction of estrus and improvement of fertility in anoestrus buffaloes.


Anoestrus Buffalo; Estrus Synchronization Protocols; Blood Biochemical Profile; Fertility

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