Volume 5 (Year 2016)

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Research Articles

Identification of Heparin Binding Proteins in Frozen-thawed Capacitated/Acrosome-reacted Spermatozoa and Their Relationship with Fertility of Buffalo Bull Semen PDF
Ashwani Kumar Singh, Parkash Singh Brar, Ranjna Sandhey Cheema pp. 211-216
Effect of Ovsynch and Mid-Cycle PGF2α Treatment Protocols on Conception Rates and Plasma Biochemical and Minerals Profile in Repeat Breeding Cows and Buffaloes PDF
Chirag P. Parmar, Patel D.M., Dhami A.J., Hadiya K.K., Patel J.A., Buhecha K.V. pp. 217-225
Histology of Sinoatrial Node in the Dromedary Camel Foetus PDF
Marwa-Babiker A.M., Ali H. A., Ismail H.I. pp. 226-231
Effect of Various Ovulation Synchronization Protocols on Estrus Response, Conception Rate and Blood Biochemical Profile in Anoestrus Buffaloes PDF
Buhecha K. V., Dhami A. J., Theodore V. K., Thakor R., Parmar S. C. pp. 232-238
Complete Genome Characteristics of Porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) Isolates from Papuan Pigs, Indonesia PDF
Widi Nugroho, Farhid Hemmatzadeh, Sidna Artanto, Michael Philipp Reichel pp. 239-247
Molecular Characterization of Corynebacterium bovis causing Clinical Mastitis and Increasing Somatic-Cell Count PDF
Langoni H., Guimarães F.F., Salina A., Ribeiro M. G., Baio P.V.P., Ramos J.N., Mota H.F., Vieira V.V., Mattos-Guaraldi A.L. pp. 248-255
Pulsed Wave Doppler and Color Flow Doppler Evaluation in Healthy Dogs and Dogs with Cardiac Disease PDF
Jeyaraja K., Hamsa S. Yamini, Thirunavakkarasu P. S. pp. 256-265
Sensory Attributes of Namakkal Quail-1 Meat PDF
Karthika S., Chandirasekaran V., Sureshkumar S. pp. 266-269
Exploration of the Physio-Chemical Properties of Kedrostis foetidissima (Jacq.) Cogn. Herb by Proximate and Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis PDF
Raja M.J., Arivuchelvan A., Jagadeeswaran A., Sukumar K., Sivaseelan S. pp. 270-274
Whether Peripartum Nutritional Supplementation Influence the Uterine Involution and Postpartum Fertility in Crossbred Cows PDF
Theodore V.K., Panchal M.T., Dhami A.J., Hadiya K.K., Shah S.V., Buhecha K.V. pp. 275-284
Antisperm Antibodies in Blood Serum and Cervical Mucus of Cross-Bred Cows With Respect to Age, Parity and Number of Inseminations PDF
Ranjna S. Cheema, Amrit K. Bansal, Vikrant Jarora, Gandotra V.K. pp. 285-292
Predominant Prevalence of Brucella abortus biovar-4 in Small Ruminants in Tamilnadu PDF
Darshana U., Ganesan P.I., Samuel B.S.M., Vijayabharthi M., Rincy T. pp. 293-297

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