Effect of Ovsynch and Mid-Cycle PGF2α Treatment Protocols on Conception Rates and Plasma Biochemical and Minerals Profile in Repeat Breeding Cows and Buffaloes

Chirag P. Parmar, Patel D.M., Dhami A.J., Hadiya K.K., Patel J.A., Buhecha K.V.


This study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Ovsynch and Mid-cycle PGF2α protocols on conception rate and influence on plasma biochemical and mineral constituents in 20 each repeat breeding cows and buffaloes equally divided into Ovsynch and Mid-cycle PGF2α protocols. Ten each healthy early postpartum cows and buffaloes served as normal cyclic controls. All the animals were inseminated at mid-estrus using good quality frozen-thawed semen and were kept under observation for next estrus or pregnancy. The first service conception rates at induced estrus obtained in repeat breeding cows and buffaloes were 50.00 and 40.00 % in Ovsynch protocol, and 40.00 and 50.00 % in mid-cycle PGF2α treatment, respectively, and 40.00 % each in normal control group. The overall mean values of total protein for conceived and non-conceived cows of Ovsynch protocol were 7.98±0.17 and 7.38±0.11 g/dl and for buffaloes 9.18±0.18 and 7.30±0.05 g/dl, respectively, being significantly higher in conceived ones in both the species. The mean cholesterol level in Ovsynch protocol was insignificantly higher in non-conceived than conceived cows (197.43±13.45 vs. 176.80±9.54 mg/dl). Contrary to this finding, in buffaloes it was higher in conceived than non-conceived group (149.43±9.02 vs. 135.65±9.81 mg/dl). No significant difference was observed in total protein and cholesterol profile between conceived and non-conceived groups of cows and buffaloes under Mid-cycle PG treatment. Also no significant differences were observed in values of calcium and inorganic phosphorus between days and between conceived and non-conceived groups of cows or buffaloes, apparently the values of both were higher in normal cyclic groups as compared to repeat breeders. The overall pooled values of calcium and phosphorus in cows under Ovsynch protocol were 9.17±0.12 and 4.44±0.10, and under Mid-cycle PGF2α group 9.23±0.10 and 4.61±0.05 mg/dl, respectively, while in buffaloes the corresponding values under Ovsynch protocol were 9.88±0.10 and 4.94±0.05, and under Mid-cycle PGF2α group 9.33±0.10 and 4.67±0.05 mg/dl, respectively. From the results, it can be inferred that hormonal therapies used significantly improved the pregnancy rates in repeat breeding cows and buffaloes under field conditions, without influencing the plasma biochemical and minerals profiles.


Repeat Breeding Bovines; Ovsynch; Mid-Cycle PGF2α Treatment; Conception Rate; Biochemical & Mineral Profile

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