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Research Articles

Bootstrap Method for Testing of Equality of Several Coefficients of Variation PDF
Dr. Naveen Kumar Boiroju, Dr. M. Krishna Reddy pp. 1-6
Finitesimale Deformation in a Rotating Disc Having Variable Density Parameter PDF
Pankaj Thakur pp. 7-16
The Product of Bessel Functions of the First Kind with Fractional Calculus Operators Involving Appell Hypergeometric Function PDF
Dinesh Kumar, D. Kumar pp. 17-33
Ratio Type Estimator of Population Mean in Double Sampling PDF
Kaiser Ahmed Malik, Rajash Tailor pp. 34-39
A Modified Approach for the Estimation of Population Mean
Kaiser Ahmed Malik, Rajesh Tailor pp. 40-51
An Approach to Construct a Control Chart for Standard Deviation Based on Six Sigma PDF
Radhakrishnan R., Balamurugan P. pp. 52-57
Construction of Super-Saturated Designs PDF
Ameen Saheb Sk., Bhatra Charyulu N.Ch. pp. 58-63
On ω-Convergence of p-Stacks PDF
K. Geetha, N. Rajesh, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijams.329) pp. 68-72

Methodology Articles

The Multivariate Central Limit Theorem and its Relationship with Univariate Statistics PDF
Athanase Polymenis pp. 64-67

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